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Whitewater Channel 
South Bay, Manvers Lake

Manvers Lake Trust and Manvers Waterfront Boat Club have released preliminary proposals to install a pump fed Whitewater Channel at South Bay, Manvers Lake, for the combined use of recreation and flood rescue and training.

Utilising the excellent water quality and existing Lake infrastructure, Manvers Lake are proposing a horseshoe shaped 210m long channel. A pumphouse in the style of a lake district boathouse will lift water at a rate of up to 10 cubic metres every second, 3 metres [10 feet] from the lake into a start pool out of which the water will flow down the course back into the lake.


The water is designed to flow at a variety of volumes and speeds from still to a torrent such that the Olympic sports of Whitewater Canoe slalom and Extreme slalom competition, training and coaching under the auspices of the Manvers Waterfront Boat Club can take place. Plus, the Blue Light services, and in particular Fire and Rescue will be able to practice and train for flood and water rescue in and on a variety of water conditions.  

To provide the waves the channel will be fitted with “Unistrut”, a proprietary method of holding down “In river” obstacles such as artificial rocks.

In recent years Manvers Lake has seen an ever-increasing number of blue light training and practice scenarios, drown proofing, Ice rescue, and water awareness weeks as well as seeing the current vastly increased use of it’s flat water Canoe Slalom Course. To progress, both Recreation and Rescue need moving and fast water training and the proposed new Whitewater Course will facilitate this.

The new course will be the first purpose built combined Recreation and Rescue facility in England.

Water Rescue Training

The images below show whitewater safety training at a site to in New York, USA, which is similar to the one proposed.

Water rescue training.jpg
Water Rescue.jpg
New York Channel 2

Chris. Hawkesworth. Chair of Manvers Lake Trustees said:

“Manvers Lake already has a lot going for it. High quality water, good road and rail links, an existing on-site water sports and multisport club of 2,500 members, excellent on site infrastructure, and above all a site that lends itself and enables the White Water Channel to tuck itself innocuously into the parkland setting”.

Mark Benton. Chair of the Manvers Lake Club said:

“We already have one of our members training for the Paris Olympic’s White Water Canoe Slalom who is travelling long distances to be coached. The South Yorkshire Fire and rescue have their training facility at the Dearne Station just over the road. It is crazy that they are travelling to Glasgow when they could have facilities close by”.

Chris. Wordsworth. Technical and Commercial Manager at Manvers Lake said:

“Over the years Manvers Lake has become a centre for water rescue training. The Royal Life Saving Society and the Environment Agency use us now. This White Water Course proposal would extend this to moving water, it will increase the viability and sustainability of the lake and provide several new local jobs”.

Manvers Whitewater Channel Proposal

Download our pdf here


Design & Access Statement

Download our pdf here

New York Boat Rescue


Download our pdf here

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The Manvers Lake and Dearne Valley Trust Ltd is a registered charity: No:1150159.
For further information:
Chris. Hawkesworth. Tel: 07802-352815
​Jo Hudson. Tel: 01709-878984.

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