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The Water's Edge

Land Management

Manvers Lake and surrounding parkland is privately owned and is managed by The Manvers Lake and Dearne Valley Trust Ltd. We are a not-for-profit limited liability charity, registered with the Charity Commission No: 1150159.


Though Manvers Lake and Parkland is privately owned it is open to the public. There are only two public footpaths. The TPT (Trans Pennine Trail) near the river and the path from the Blue Bridge to Old Moor traffic island. All other paths, our car parks and access road are ‘Permissive’, which means we can close them for example for events or maintenance.

Lake and Parkland Boundaries

The Trust's lake and parkland boundaries are made up of various walls, fences, styles and natural obstacles. Unofficial access, such as gates at the back of private houses or gardens, bridges, encroachment or other similar works are not permitted.

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Water's Edge Welcome

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